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Richie Cheung


Richie Cheung is passionate with Art form of many kinds. He obtained a Professional Diploma in Graphic Design and Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts in CUSCS. He held solo exhibitions and participated in various joined exhibitions, conducting Art Workshops and team building sessions for Universities and various organisations.


Richie is proficient in various kinds of art media and is skillful especially in portrait drawing and urban sketching. He found passions in teaching Art, believing it could help people to appreciate beauty and the magical transformation of ordinary materials into extraordinary pieces of Artworks. He enjoys the pleasure and the inspirations in the art creation process and also the community concerns involved in the urban sketching activities.


He is teaching in Art studios and Education Centres. He was also commissioned in mural wall paintings, urban sketching tours and portrait painting works.

Richie's Artwork

May Art fill your life with Joy

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