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Adwin Yau


Yau Wai Hoi (Adwin) is a member of the Hong Kong Artist Society , a president of the International Watercolor Society Hong Kong (IWSHK), and a member of the Hong Kong Ex Libris Association.  Adwin primarily works with oil painting and watercolor as his mediums of creation, with a preference for a delicate and emotionally rich style.

Adwin holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting and is a Certified Financial Planner. He has played multiple roles in society and was previously involved in the financial profession, primarily responsible for corporate financing.

In 2012, Adwin immersed himself in the art world, dedicating himself to painting. He has studied Lingnan ink painting and Western painting techniques, and has participated in various international art competitions, achieving commendable results. His works have been exhibited in multiple international exhibitions, gaining recognition.

Adwin's artistic style focuses on narration, emphasizing storytelling and the artist's expression of emotions. His works have participated in numerous local and international exhibitions, and they are held in institutional and private collections.

Adwin's Artwork

May Art fill your life with Joy

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